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SQL Question

PHP number_format returns 1.00

I have stored in MySQL the number as total(decimal 16,2) 1423.28

I get it display from PHP after making some calculations:

function calculate_balance($total){

//get total paid from another function
$total_paid = ...

if ($total_paid == 0){
return $total;
return $total-$total_paid


$balance = calculate_balance($total);
echo number_format($balance, 2); //returns 1.00

I have tried

number_format((float)$balance, 2);
number_format(floatval($balance), 2);



and I got following output.

string(8) "1,423.28" float(152) string(6) "252.00" string(6) "247.50" string(6) "247.50" string(6) "247.50" string(6) "549.90" string(6) "495.00" float(0) string(6) "284.76" float(265)

It's working fine without
for value under 1,000.
E.g.: if balance equal 252.00

echo $balance;



Answer Source

Your function returns 1,423.28? This is not a float, as a float does never contain a comma as a thousands-separator.

PHP interprets this as 1, because it "breaks" at the comma.

Remove the comma and you are fine!

$balance = str_replace(',', '', $balance);
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