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How to convert from UML to java. Dotted line relationship

I'm trying to convert UML to java, but, I don't know how to do this type of transformation:

enter image description here

I have Participant class:

public class Participant extends User {

List<Competition> competitions;

public Participant(String username, String password, String fullname) {
super(username, password, fullname);

public Submission submitPrediction(Competition competition, float prediction) {
return null;

public ArrayList<Submission> getSumissions() {
return null;

Then I have Competition:

public class Competition {

private int id;
private String title;
private float target;
private boolean isActive;

private Organizer owner;
private List<Participant> participants;
private Platform platform;

public Competition(int id, String title, float target, boolean isActive, Organizer owner, List<Participant> participants, Platform platform) { = id;
this.title = title; = target;
this.isActive = isActive;
this.owner = owner;
this.participants = participants;
this.platform = platform;
.......... all methods, getters/setters, ectc............

And Submission:

public class Submission {
private int id;
private SubmissionStatus status;
private Date submitedAt;
private float prediction;
private float error;

public Submission(int id, SubmissionStatus status, Date submitedAt, float prediction, float error) { = id;
this.status = status;
this.submitedAt = submitedAt;
this.prediction = prediction;
this.error = error;
.......... all methods, getters/setters, ectc............

But I don't know how to convert the dotted relation between the 3 classes.

How can I do this?

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This is an association class. It is a shortcut for

enter image description here

See also this answer

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