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Python Question

Split array s.t sub-arrays sum to original

I'm trying to figure out a clever way to randomly split a numpy integer array into two parts so that the two parts sum to the original array.


a = np.array([0,1,2,3])
b, c = rand_split(a)
# Should give something like
# b = [0, 1, 1, 2], c = [0, 0, 1, 1]

EDIT: All entries should be non-negative.

Answer Source

Here's a solution with a list comprehension:

b = np.array([np.random.randint(0, n+1) for n in a])
c = a - b

This should be faster since it's doing all the work in numpy:

b = (np.random.uniform(size=a.shape) * (a + 1)).astype(int)
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