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Node.js OpsWorks Layer console logs

I have an Opsworks stack with a Node.js Layer and Node.js Application. I'm wondering if anyone knows where on an ubuntu 14.04LTS instance the console logs from my application are being printed to. I know the opsworks uses monit to run my application but i'm not sure where its outputting the logs to.


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So annoyingly enough, the Monit configuration rendered for Node.JS apps on Opsworks doesn't send the output anywhere! Source for this claim. (This surprised me when I learned about it!)

What I recommend doing is overriding that template - see the OpsWorks documentation on overriding templates: essentially all you need to do is copy paste the Monit config from Amazon, but change line 2 to redirect the output to a file, like I do below so:

start program = "/bin/bash -c 'cd <%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current ; source <%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/shared/app.env ; /usr/bin/env PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin PORT=<%= @deploy[:nodejs][:port] %> NODE_PATH=<%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current/node_modules:<%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current /usr/local/bin/node <%= @monitored_script %> &> <%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current/log/production.log'"

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