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ASP.NET (C#) Question

C# MemoryCache for 2 different types of keys?

I am using

to store key/value pairs in my MVC .Net application.

There are 2 main purposes I am using
. One is to store sessions for user ids, and another is to store constants (this is just an example) The keys could theoretically be the same in both cases, so I want some way to separate these 2.

I am thinking of 2 or 3 ways. Which way is superior? Or is there a better alternative?

  1. Each key in the cache will be prepended by a namespace.

    "user_session:1", "user_session:2"

    "constants:1", "constants:2"

  2. Using nested dictionaries as keys.

    There will be a key "user_sessions" whose value will be a Dictionary that maps ids to the session object. There will be a key "constants" whose value will be a Dictionary.

  3. Each "namespace" gets its own MemoryCache instance.

The disadvantage with #2 is that when I want to get the value belonging to a user ID, I need to first get the dictionary, then get the value for a key in that dictionary. Which means I need to store the dictionary in memory.


Dictionary<string, string> userSessions = MemoryCache.Default["user_sessions"]
object session = userSessions.get("1");

Answer Source

Go for option #3!

  • For the programmer it is easier to access.
  • It is the fastest solutions (see comments on the other solutions)
  • It is the most memory efficient solution (see comments on the other solutions)

Option #2:

  • You said it yourself.
  • If the cache decides to remove a key, a whole dictionary is removed, resulting in more reloads of the values.

Option #1:

  • You do not have to concatinate string (performance and memeory)
  • Longer key names produce longer compare times.
  • Adding items will be slower because it contains twice as much keys.
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