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php error: Class 'Imagick' not found

I am getting the error "Class 'Imagick' not found". Somehow I need to make this library accessible to php. I am using Php 5.2.6 on Fedora 8. my php_info has no mention of ImageMagick.

I have tried: yum install ImageMagick and restarted apache, which didn't work.

I also added extension=imagick.ext to my php.ini file and restarted apache, which didn't work.

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For RHEL-based i386 distributions:

yum install ImageMagick.i386
yum install ImageMagick-devel.i386
pecl install imagick
echo "" > /etc/php.d/imagick.ini
service httpd restart

This may also work on other i386 distributions using yum package manager. For x86_64, just replace .i386 with .x86_64

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