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I can't get my error message box to work in pyqt

In my init function, i've defined an error message box like this:

self.error_msg = QtGui.QMessageBox()

on a different method, I try to call the message box like this, by setting the error text:

def detectRoot(self):
euid = os.geteuid()
if euid != 0:
print "need to be root to run this program"
self.logger.error("Not root, program exited")
self.error_msg.setText("You need to be root to run this program")

However, I keep getting message a pyqt/python error:

TypeError: QMessageBox.setIcon(QMessageBox.Icon): argument 1 has unexpected type 'builtin_function_or_method'

Answer Source

According to the documentation:

QMessageBox::NoIcon: The message box does not have any icon.

QMessageBox::Question: An icon indicating that the message is asking a question. QMessageBox::Information: An icon indicating that the message is nothing out of the ordinary. QMessageBox::Warning: An icon indicating that the message is a warning, but can be dealt with.

QMessageBox::Critical: An icon indicating that the message represents a critical problem.

Change QtGui.QMessageBox.critical to QtGui.QMessageBox.Critical

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