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Switch-case like structure in python

I have the following function that I've made which takes a member's sign-in date and the length of their contract and returns a modified dataframe with an expiration date for each member. The function works as intended, but I wanted to know if there was a cleaner way of writing the nested function

. I know python does not implement
, but is there a way to rewrite the all the

def renewal_date(df):

def month_to_num(ind):
if (df.loc[ind, "Contract Type"] == "1 Month"):
return 1
elif (df.loc[ind, "Contract Type"] == "3 Months Prom" or
df.loc[ind, "Contract Type"] == "3 Month"):
return 3
elif (df.loc[ind, "Contract Type"] == "4 Month Promo"):
return 4
elif (df.loc[ind, "Contract Type"] == "6 Months"):
return 6
return 12

for z in range(0, len(df)):
exp_date = (df.loc[z, "Date-Joined"] +
df.set_value(z,"Date-Renewal", exp_date)

return df

Answer Source

This is more suited to the Code Review Stack Exchange, but to preserve functionality, you'd ordinarily use a dictionary:

    '1 Month': 1,
    '3 Months Prom': 3,
    '3 Month': 3,
    '4 Month Promo': 4,
    '6 Months': 6,

def month_to_num(ind):
    return MONTH_NUMS.get(df.loc[ind, 'Contract Type'], 12)

That said, there's a bit of a code smell here in how we are mapping strings to numbers this way.

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