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How to disable accessibility support for the divider of a NSSplitView?

I have a

in my app. Its divider position is fixed, the user is not able to drag the divider around. Now I am adding support for accessibility. When using VoiceOver, the user can select & drag the divider. That breaks my UI.
How can I tell VoiceOver, that it should ignore the divider?

I am using the new Accessibility Protocol available since OS X 10.10.

does not work.

Thanks for your help!

Max Max
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Ok, I asked a nice guy from the AppKit team at WWDC. He told me that this is not possible at the moment - because I can not acces the divider within the splitView.

Explanation: Disabling the accessibility support on a NSView, makes the particular view inaccessible, but not its sub view - which is the desired behavior normally

Since the divider is a subview of NSSplitView, this does not work.

Solution: I ended up not using NSSplitView anymore because I don't need any of the class specific features. The dividers are fixed in my application.

Instead I used NSStackView to encapsulate my subviews - and it works perfectly. (Hide and show subviews)

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