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Can you get a MailChimp interest group ID without using the API?

With the MailChimp API, to add a member to a list with a specific interest group, you need both that list's ID and the interest group's ID.

To get both those IDs, you can either query the API for them, or in the case of the list ID you can find it in the form code that the MailChimp interface outputs. The interest group ID can not be found in the same way: the form code simply users integer IDs to reference the interest groups, which are not accepted by the API.

My question: is there any way to get the interest group IDs other than querying the API first? i.e. somewhere in the MailChimp interface?

Context: I'm building a simple add-on to a Wordpress website that includes a MailChimp signup form with interest groups. Parameters are set in the website admin including API key and list ID. If possible, I'd like to avoid having to build in a query mechanism to get, list and select the interest groups and rather just have the administrator enter the IDs.

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As far as I know, the only way to find the interest or interest-category IDs are through the API itself.

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