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React JSX Question

React-router wrong matching when navigating with Link

I have the following routes:

function getModalRoutes() {
return (
<Route component={ ModalContainer }>
<Route path='login' component={ SessionContainer }/>
<Route path='registration' component={ RegistrationContainer } />

<Provider store={ createStoreWithState() }>
<Router history={ browserHistory }>
<Route path="/object/:object_id/" component={ ShowRoute } >
{ getModalRoutes() }
<Route path="/" component={ IndexRoute } >
{ getModalRoutes() }

If I access
the matching works correctly. If I use a link like the one below for navigation, from
page, the
route is matched instead of

to={ `login` }
Log In

Is there a different way to use the
for this scenario? I feel like I am missing something here.


Answer Source

You should change your login link to /object/1/login. You can also parametrize it like /object/${number}/login. In general, when you navigate inside your app with links links like /your_link, you get always to http://yourdomain.sth/your_link.

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