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Ruby Question

Rails 4 Error: NoMethodError - undefined method

I am struggling ordering my loop through my Devise Users by the upvotes on

created by them.

Inside of that loop I get the value I would like to use to order the elments with:

That's my loop:

- @users.order( do |user| #incorrect!

And my controller:

@users = User.all

in my loop everything runs fine, with it this error appears:

NoMethodError in Users#index
Showing c:/Users/Jonas/gitapps/ocubit/app/views/users/index.html.haml where line #21 raised:

undefined method `tools' for #<Class:0xac2db78>

I am grateful for each help!

Answer Source

You can use joins

@users = User.joins(:tools).group("").order("SUM(tools.cached_votes_up)")
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