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Bad CPU type in executable when doing arch -i386 pip2 install skype4py

I have a problem with Skype4Py lib in Mac OS. As I know from documentation in github, in macos skype4py must install with specific arch. But when I try to use

arch -i386 pip2 install skype4py
I get error message
Bad CPU type in executable
. I am not experienced user in macos (this is been a remote control in team viewer) but what I doing wrong? Also I tried use virtualenv and at the start all be ok, but when in shell I make
I have a segfault. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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I'd guess Skype has finally upgraded their OSX executable to 64-bit architecture and the instructions do not apply anymore.

Please note that Skype4Py and Skype API for desktop are discontinued. Instead, focus your development efforts on Skype web API instead:


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