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woocommerce get list of attribute values

I'm using woocommerce on wordpress to create a simple shop site and I've added a couple attributes to a product. These are namely,

. Under size I have a variety of values including Small, Medium and Large. Same with color ie. Red, Blue, Green.

What I want to do is show these values in a dropdown. Basically just list them out so I can use the values as filters for the shop catalog page.

Any help would be great.

I've delved into the woocommerce code and api docs and only found this code to pull the attributes.

global $woocommerce;

$attr_tax = $woocommerce->get_attribute_taxonomy_names();

foreach( $attr_tax as $tax ) {
echo $woocommerce->attribute_taxonomy_name( $tax->attribute_name );

What this snippet gives me are the taxonomy slugs only, ie. pa_size and pa_color. I'm very new to woocommerce, but a search in there api docs reveals nothing about how to pull the values of these attributes.

Answer Source

You can use get_terms()

If you pass in pa_size or pa_color you will get back a list of terms in that taxonomy.

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