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.Net Regex - last of repeating characters

I'm trying to capture everything inside curly bracers, but in some cases there may be multiple bracers and I want the external ones.

For example: I want to capture

I'll need
as the capture.

So I went with
to capture the inner text, but of course this will yield multiple captures

So I tried telling the regex to search for the phrase but only if the next character is not curly bracers:
. This works, unless the capture is at the end of the input, in which case it doesn't work cause it expects a non
character at the end.

So I tried adding end of string option
, but for some reason, this will capture
again. I have no idea why, it should only capture if the next char is end of input or not curly bracers...



Just to be clear, I'm not searching for valid nested parenthesis, only for text between { and the first matching } (no nesting!), however there may be cases where instead of one open/close brace there are two (so {something} and {{something}} both need to be caught).

The reason for this, is that the original text always has double braces {{ }}, but sometimes before the regex the text undergoes string.Format, in which case the double braces become single braces.

Answer Source

You seem to have used a character class at the end instead of a non matching group. Try:


This is a very small modification to your final attempt, that just uses correct syntax. In your final attempt you have [$|^}]. The issue with this is that you can't have an or | inside a character class []. Most special characters are escaped inside a character class, with a couple exceptions, one of which is ^ if it is the first character. So [$|^}] means any of the four literal characters $, |, ^, or }. What I did is change the syntax to what you intended by using a non-matching group (?:stuff) this group does not save its contents and is purely for grouping. As such (?:$|[^}]) means an end-of-line or a non-}, as you wanted.

Note that this makes no effort to balance the curly braces (match the number of braces at the beginning and end).

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