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Creating a Wordpress child theme for ThemeCo's Theme X

I want to create a wordpress child theme for Theme X.

How do I import the CSS from the original style from Theme X?

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Generalized steps for creating child theme for any theme:

1) create a directory in your themes directory in wordpress: /wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/Your-child-theme

2) create a style.css file in that directory.

3) open the newly created style.css file and add header information:

    Theme Name: Your child theme name
    Author: Author name
    Template: Your parent theme name

4) Import the parent theme stylesheet, after the header add in your style.css:

@import url('../Your_parent_theme/style.css'); 

If your parent theme have only one stylesheet, then these steps are sufficient. Otherwise you can add multiple import statements.

Check wordpress codex:

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