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React JSX Question

how to change color of Backbutton Arrow in react native router flux?

how to change color of Backbutton in react native router flux ?
enter image description here

Im try

but not working...i cant find any solution.tnx for your helps

<Scene key="app" navigationBarStyle={{backgroundColor: '#1e2226',borderBottomColor:"#1e2226"}} titleStyle={{color : "#FFF"}}>
<Scene key="welcome" component={LauchContainer} title="Welcome" />
<Scene key="ProductDetail" backButtonBarStyle={{color : "#FFF"}} component={ProductDetail} />

Answer Source

Looking at the documentation it looks like you should be using backButtonTextStyle or use backButtonImage to use a different icon image

Check it out here


You can change the colour of the image by setting the tintColor in the leftButtonIconStyle prop

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