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AWS Javascript SDK with Promises

I am trying to use AWS Javascript SDK for accessing S3. I am using the Promises with 'Q' library. However it is not working.
I have set the Q dependency also.

var Q = require('q');

Here's the code I have:

var listBucketPromise = s3.listBuckets().promise();
function (response) {
console.log(" response = " + response );
} ,
function (error) {
console.log(" error = " + error);

This shows on console :

response = function (resolve, reject) {
self.on('complete', function(resp) {
if (resp.error) {
} else {
// define $response property so that it is not enumberable
// this prevents circular reference errors when stringifying the JSON object
resolve(Object.defineProperty( || {},
{value: resp}

I have a valid s3 client set correctly. The callback format works:

s3.listBuckets(function (err, data) {

Why is the promise code not working ?

Answer Source

You need to pass a Promise constructor to setPromisesDependency. The Q function that you used does not expect a callback, when called with the typical promise executor callback it just returned a promise fulfilled with that function value.

You can use Q.Promise instead, which also is documented in this blog post's example:

// Use Q implementation of Promise
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