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Java Question

casting parent to child - BufferedImage object

I'm get a

whenever I try to cast a BufferedImage (parent) to an AdvancedBufferedImage (child) which I extended myself, I've not overridden any methods and I've implemented all the contractors without modifying them

I'm gettign this exception whenever I try to create an AdvancedBufferedImage out of File using method.

File file = new file(path);
AdvancedBufferedImage image = (AdvancedBufferedImage);

It seems there should not be any problem, What could be the problem?

Answer Source

Downcasting like this is not allowed.

The preferred solution would be to create a constructor of AdvancedBufferedImage, taking a BufferedImage as parameter. With that you could do the following.

File file = new file(path);
AdvancedBufferedImage image = new AdvancedBufferedImage(;

Here the constructor of AdvancedBufferedImage can decide how to properly convert a BufferedImage in an advanced one..

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