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Ruby Question

sass Error: Undefined variable: $sidebar-spacing-horizontal

I purchased the learnplus theme from themeforest and tried to build it. However while building i am constantly getting this error:

Error: Undefined variable: "$sidebar-spacing-horizontal".
on line 3 of node_modules/adminplus/src/sass/sidebar-components/_card.scss
>> margin-bottom: $sidebar-spacing-horizontal;

I tried to search a lot but was in vain as i am a total noob with no understanding about Sass. I assume its something to do with ROR syntax file which is compiled into .css.

Can someone help me with the issue? I am not understanding how to resolve this error? Any help will be highly appreciated

Answer Source

I am not familiar with that theme, but whenever you see some variable declarations of the theme, you can make something like this - $sidebar-spacing-horizontal: 20px;. After that you can try to compile again.

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