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C# Question

Internal .NET Framework Data Provider error 1025

IQueryable<Organization> query = context.Organizations;

Func<Reservation, bool> predicate = r => !r.IsDeleted;

query.Select(o => new {
Reservations = o.Reservations.Where(predicate)

this query throws "Internal .NET Framework Data Provider error 1025" exception but the query below does not.

query.Select(o => new {
Reservations = o.Reservations.Where( r => !r.IsDeleted)

I need to use the first one because I need to check a few if statements for constructing the right predicate. I know that I can not use if statements in this circumstance that is why I pass a delegate as parameter.

How can I make the first query work?

Answer Source

While the above answers are true, note that when trying to use it after a select statement one has to call AsQueryable() explicitly, otherwise the compiler will assume that we are trying to use IEnumerable methods, which expect a Func and not Expression<Func>.

This was probably the issue of the original poster, as otherwise the compiler will complain most of the time that it is looking for Expression<Func> and not Func.

Demo: The following will fail:

MyContext.MySet.Where(m => m.SubCollection.Select(s => s.SubItem).Any(expr)).Load()

While the following will work:

MyContext.MySet.Where(m => 
      m.SubCollection.Select(s => s.SubItem).AsQueryable().Any(expr))
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