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MySQL Question

Creating a database with MySQL Workbench from existing schema/model

I built a database schema (or Model?) with

MySQL Workbench
. I'd like to now make it into an actual database.

I've seen Forward and Reverse engineer options and can't find a clear answer on if either are what I need.

How can I turn this into an actual database?

Answer Source

This for mysql workbench version 6.0 and for exporting a schema.

Select tab MySQL Model
Select File->Export->Forward Engineer SQL Create

Place a file name to be exported in the Output SQL Script File, choose your options, next

Export MySQL table Objects,  
filter tables 

Then a file is created which you can import to your database and it creates schemas if not exists, creates tables if not exists.

In the case of models, you need to pay, many bucks, for a tool that creates schemas, tables, indexes, cascading, and all stuff associated to an existing data model.

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