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OneSignal-Pushnotification small icon not displayed on Android

We have a Cordova-App which contains a file 'icon.png' in every drawable-xy folder. We provide push notifications using OneSignal. The notifications are working as expected. Except the small icon. There is only a blank icon on the top bar of my phone, where app-symbols are displayed. I tried using the following snippet:

"small_icon" : "@android:drawable/icon.png"

I also tried lots and lots of other variations without "android", without "drawable", without slash, with .png and without .png. etc. etc.

I found this in the documentation: (

small_icon: stringOptional
Specific Android icon to use. If blank the app icon is used. Must be the drawable resource name.

Android tells about drawable resources: (

With an image saved at res/drawable/myimage.png, this layout XML applies the image to a View:

android:src="@drawable/myimage" />

which should be
for me then. (does not work)

Changing the large icon to an url works for me, large icon with a drawable does not, aswell.

What is the correct usage of this property

Answer Source

After Android SDK API 21,your small icon must be like this

enter image description here

white and transparent only.

So, you can code this.

    } else {
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