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Java Question

WSO2 API Manger Installation can not run java

I am brand new to WSO2 api manager and I am trying to install the API Manger for the first time on a linux vm machine.

java-8 has been installed and I have my JAVA_HOME defined and it points to this path /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle. It has been verified by running:
echo $JAVA_HOME and it look correct.
JAVA_HOME and path are both defined in /etc/environment file.

On the WSO2 side I downloaded it and am trying to run the executible

I keep getting this error

ERROR: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly
CARBON cannot execute java

Answer Source

Make sure you run all the commands in the same terminal window.

Or you can run source command for the modified file before you start APIM.

Or after setting JAVA_HOME, you can start a new terminal window to run APIM.

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