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C++ Question

How to make a variadic is_same?

How can I make a class template that returns whether any of its variadic types are equal to the first type. I want to be able to do this:

is_same<T, A, B, C>::value; // true if T is one of A, B or C

And if
is equal to any one of those types, its static
member will be
, otherwise
. How can I do this?

Answer Source

Use template recursion:

template<typename T, typename... Rest>
struct is_any : std::false_type {};

template<typename T, typename First>
struct is_any<T, First> : std::is_same<T, First> {};

template<typename T, typename First, typename... Rest>
struct is_any<T, First, Rest...>
    : std::integral_constant<bool, std::is_same<T, First>::value || is_any<T, Rest...>::value>

static_assert(is_any<int, char, double, int>::value, "error 1");   // OK
static_assert(is_any<int, char, double, short>::value, "error 2"); // error
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