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C# Question

Call function into view razor

Hi Can I call a function into my view to get the description of ids in the foreach

My view

@if (Model != null)
int i = 1;
foreach (var item in Model)
<tr class="">
<td class="left">@{ new Fullname().getfullname(item.student_id.value).ToString(); }</td>
<td class="left"></td>
<td class="left">@CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.GetMonthName(item.paid_month.Value).ToUpper()</td>
<td class="left">@item.monthly</td>
<td class="left">@item.transport</td>
<td class="left">@item.discount_details</td>
<td class="left">@item.total</td>

in Fullname class

public class Fullname
private dbEntities db = new dbEntities();
public string getfullname(int? id)
var StudentSelect = db.student.Where(s => s.student_id == id)
.Select(s => new
FullName = s.lastname + " " + s.firstname

return StudentSelect.FirstOrDefault().FullName;

I'm trying to get the student fullname from the @item.student_id in the Model

but nothing displayed



The problem is that you retrieve the Fullname correctly, but you never emit it as string into the rendered view.

Use the @variableName syntax to emit the value of a C# variable as string:

@{ var fullname = new Fullname().getfullname(item.student_id.value).ToString(); }