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Scope of grep with regular expressions

I am trying to use a regular expression with grep command of Linux

(^\s*\*\s*\[ \][^\*]+?(\w*\:[^\*]+\d$)|([^\*]+[.]com[.]au$))

When I am trying it out at with the contents of a file, I am getting the required result, i.e., the required fields are getting matched but when I am trying to use it as

grep '(^\s*\*\s*\[ \][^\*]+?(\w*\:[^\*]+\d$)|([^\*]+[.]com[.]au$))' file1

all it gives me is a null!

What's the problem here?

Answer Source
pcregrep -M  '(^\s*\*\s*\[ \][^\*]+?(\w*\:[^\*]+\d$)|([^\*]+[.]com[.]au$))'

did the trick :)

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