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Remote debugging Chrome for iOS

I'm trying to debug an error on Chrome for iPad. How can I do that?

Additional info:

I know how to debug Safari for iOS. I just don't have a Mac at the moment.

  • Is it true that I need Safari on MacOS X to remote debug Chrome for iOS?

  • Does Desktop Chrome allow anything?

  • Is Chrome for iOS just a webview application?

Answer Source

You cannot directly remote debug Chrome on iOS currently. It uses a uiWebView that may act subtly different than Mobile Safari

You have a few options.

Option 1: Remote-debug Mobile Safari using Safari's inspector. If your issue reproduces in Mobile Safari, this is definitely the best way to go. In fact, going through the iOS simulator is even easier.

Option 2: Use Weinre for a slimmed down debugging experience. Weinre doesn't have much features but sometimes it's good enough.

Option 3: Remote debug a proper uiWebView that functions the same.

Here's the best way to do this. You'll need to install XCode.

  1. Go to github.com/paulirish/iOS-WebView-App and "Download Zip" or clone.
  2. Open XCode, open existing project, and choose the project you just downloaded.
  3. Open WebViewAppDelegate.m and change the urlString to be the URL you want to test.
  4. Run the app in the iOS Simulator.
  5. Open Safari, Open the Develop Menu, Choose iOS Simulator and select your webview.
  6. Safari Inspector will now be inspecting your uiWebView.

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