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What is the most efficient way to concatenate N arrays in JavaScript?

What is the most efficient way to concatenate N arrays of objects in


The arrays are mutable, and the result can be stored in one of the input arrays.

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If you're concatenating more than two arrays, concat() is the way to go for convenience and likely performance.

var a = [1, 2], b = ["x", "y"], c = [true, false];
var d = a.concat(b, c);
console.log(d); // [1, 2, "x", "y", true, false];

For concatenating just two arrays, using push.apply() can be used instead for the case of adding elements from one array to the end of another without producing a new array. With slice() it can also be used instead of concat() but there appears to be no performance advantage from doing this.

var a = [1, 2], b = ["x", "y"];
a.push.apply(a, b);
console.log(a); // [1, 2, "x", "y"];

However, it seems that for large arrays (of the order of 100,000 members or more), this technique can fail. For such arrays, using a loop is a better approach. See http://stackoverflow.com/a/17368101/96100 for details.

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