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Deep Linking in iOS - Navigate to Apple Store if app not installed

I need to implement

Deep Linking
concept without using any third party libraries (Branch and etc..). The link (starts with http/https) will be shared from app through Message, Email or any Social media apps. By tapping on shared link I want to open corresponding app if its already installed on device else it should navigate to the Apple Store to download the app.

I have knowledge on URL schemas but it works only when the app is already installed on device and the schema URL format also be different (like fb:// for Facebook app).

I have also done some R&D on
Universal Links
but I don't know whether it supports for dynamic links as for me the link will be combination of base URL(static) and referrer key(dynamic). I also need to track the referrer information once the corresponding app is opened like who referred this app (referrer details).
Can you please help me on it. Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

To make it clear on Universal Links in iOS will not take you to Apple Store if app is not installed on device. When you click on a link then Universal Links helps you to open the app if the app is already installed on device else the same link will be going to browse in Safari. When the url browse in Safari then we have to run JavaScript to navigate/redirect to Apple Store.

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