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MySQL Question

Using a Python dict for a SQL INSERT statement

I am trying to use a

to do a SQL
. The logic would basically be:

INSERT INTO table (dict.keys()) VALUES dict.values()

However, I am having a tough time figuring out the correct syntax / flow to do this. This is what I currently have:

# data = {...}
sorted_column_headers_list = []
sorted_column_values_list = []
for k, v in data.items():
sorted_column_headers_string = ', '.join(sorted_column_headers_list)
sorted_column_values_string = ', '.join(sorted_column_values_list)

cursor.execute("""INSERT INTO title (%s)
VALUES (%s)""",
(sorted_column_headers_string, sorted_column_values_string))

From this I get a SQL exception (I think related to the fact that commas are also included in some of the values that I have). What would be the correct way to do the above?

Answer Source

You want to add parameter placeholders to the query. This might get you what you need:

qmarks = ', '.join('?' * len(myDict))
qry = "Insert Into Table (%s) Values (%s)" % (qmarks, qmarks)
cursor.execute(qry, myDict.keys() + myDict.values())
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