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Objective-C Question

How to copy particular array objects from one array to another array?

I have one NSMutableArray with two fields: name and number. The Name of Array is "Urgency" and it contains :

urgency: "ADMIT",
urgencyId: 5

My question is how can I add only the urgency into the temp array? I dont want to add the urgencyID.


It looks like an NSDictionary or your array contains objects of dictionary with two keys called urgency and urgencyId.

You can get it by [... valueForKey:@"urgency"]


I think this (I tried to replicate what you are saying ) may come helpful for you:

NSString *keyUrgency = @"urgency";
NSString *keyUrgencyId = @"urgencyId";

NSDictionary *u1 = @{keyUrgency: @"u1_urgency",
                     keyUrgencyId: @"u1 id"};

NSDictionary *u2 = @{keyUrgency: @"u2_urgency",
                     keyUrgencyId: @"u2 id"};

NSDictionary *u3 = @{keyUrgency: @"u3_urgency",
                     keyUrgencyId: @"u3 id"};

NSArray *array = @[u1, u2, u3];

NSLog(@"array : %@",array);

//you want only urgencies in array
NSArray *urgencies = [array valueForKey:keyUrgency];
NSLog(@"urgencies : %@",urgencies);