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SQL Question

PHP: Get string from within Array?

I'm using facebook SDK and I'm trying to get a string from an array which is the facebook php sdk response.

Basically, I get the age_range from facebook and I need to get the value of age_range.

The age range always is an array for some strange reason.

It looks like this:

[age_range] => Array
[min] => 21

so, in my php I have this:

$age_range = $me['age_range'];

but when i insert this
into mysql database, I get the word
inserted into mysql database!

But all i need is the
or any other number that returns back from age range.

could someone please advise on this issue?

Thanks in advance.


As stated in my comment, simply change:

$age_range = $me['age_range'];


$age_range = $me['age_range']['min'];