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How to loop an executable command in the terminal in Linux?

Let me first describe my situation, I am working on a Linux platform and have a collection of

files that add one to the picture number from
up to
. So a total of 658 pictures. I want to be able to run each of these pictures through a .exe file that operates on the picture then kicks out the file to a file specified by the user, it also has some threshold arguments: lower, upper. So the typical call for the executable is:

./filter inputfile outputfile lower upper

Is there a way that I can loop this call over all the files just from the terminal or by creating some kind of bash script? My problem is similar to this: Execute a command over multiple files with a batch file but this time I am working in a Linux command line terminal.

Answer Source

You can try something like this...

#! /bin/bash
for ((a=022; a <= 658 ; a++))
   printf "./filter filename%04d.bmp outputfile lower upper" $a | "sh"
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