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Could not load file or assembly, Strong name signature could not be verified

I am having a nightmare :(

I developed a website in MVC using .Net 4.5.1 and it been working for months and after i updated the code (just one string line) it suddenly crashed and nothing is working.

The problem seems to be in the bin folder or references because every time i run the application i get this error:

Could not load file or assembly 'XXXXXX' or one of
its dependencies. Strong name signature could not be verified. The assembly
may have been tampered with, or it was delay signed but not fully signed
with the correct private key. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131045)`

Where XXXXXX could be ANY referenced library such as


See? Any kind of library which i have NEVER touched or altered.

And the thing that is really driving me CRAZY is that the project works PERFECTLY on my computer but when i try to deploy it to a VPS or shared hosting or managed hosting it fails.

I installed many versions of .Net but no luck.

I spent days trying to solve it and no luck. I have searched google and read all the articles about this problem in stackoverflow but nothing helped me.

I would really really appreciate it if anybody could tell me what the HECK is this thing?

Thank you.


I read this issue from HERE and i feel like this is close to my issue.


I just had to re install my operating system (Windows 8) because when i was installing Visual Studio the installation was interrupted and DLLs were corrupted.

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Solved the question, please look at edit 2 above.