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TypeScript Question

CameraPreview takePicture() returns nothing

I have been trying to update an old app that had an old version of the camera-preview plugin, which still had the

method that allowed me to return the url of the image.

The newer version of the plugin uses the
method in which I can define a function that will be called onSuccess and I defined that function to return the URL of the image taken. But I can't get that URL outside of the

I have just been moving to typescript so I guess it's some sort of mistake managing variables. I am using a provider for the cameraPreview and I have created an envelope for the
method of the plugin. That envelope should return the URL to the controller in which I have injected the provider.

Here is the provider's envelope code:

takePictures2() :string {
this.url = "data:image/jpeg;base64" + imgData;
return this.url;

Here is the controller code:

takePictures() {
let url : string = this.cameraPreview.takePictures2();

Answer Source

I haven't tested the code below, but I would:

1) Promisify takePicture2. It wraps the takePicture method of the plugin and resolves the url when done:

takePictures2(): Promise<string> {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        this.cameraPreview.takePicture(function(imgData) {
            resolve("data:image/jpeg;base64" + imgData);

2) make takePictures wait for takePictures2 to resolve:

takePictures() {
    let url : string;
    this.cameraPreview.takePictures2().then(url => {
        this.url = url;
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