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Programmatically styling Android's CheckBox

I got a class which extends Activity and programmatically adding some View items.

CheckBox checkBox = new CheckBox(this, null, android.R.style.Widget_CompoundButton_Star);

I'd like to set some checkBoxes styled as the Android SDK stars. I can't see any check box after I set its style to that Widget_CompoundButton_Star. Although that SDK style apparently works when directly placing in a xml.

Am I missing something here? THX

// As Pragnani said. Using
instead works.

Answer Source

I've arrived here looking for styling the text of the CheckBox instead of the Drawable, and I find the solution by another way. But hey! Let me share the solution to the myself of the future.

Instead of:

CheckBox cb = new CheckBox(this, null, R.style.yourstyle);


CheckBox cb = new CheckBox(this);
cb.setTextAppearance(this, R.style.yourstyle);

Hope it helps to solve the topic of the question!

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