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Prevent cache in CloudFlare

I'm in the middle of a project, and yesterday I'm getting started with CloudFlare.

The problem is that when I make a change I cannot see it in the browser, so I assume that the problem here is the cache setting of CloudFlare.

I have read this link, about the CloudFlare cache, so I put in my html a meta-tag:

<meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="private">

But the problem persists.

Should I put other meta-tags, or prevent from the cache the server-side? (I'm using PHP)

Answer Source

cloudflare has a Development mode option that:

  • Changes to cacheable content (like images, CSS, or JavaScript) will be visible immediately.
  • CloudFlare's accelerated cache will be disabled.
  • Development mode will automatically toggle off after 3 hours.
  • If changes to your site are not immediate, press shift-reload.

You will also be able to turn off the Development mode at any time during the 3 hours.

Hope this helps with people looking for the same answer to this question or if you still have this issue.

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