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jQuery Question

Set Selected Value from array using select2 javascript

I have array in javascript like this

var array = ["Impression", "Clicks", "CTR", "CVR", "CPC", "CPM", "CPA"]

I want to set selected text in select2 from one of my array but getting confused.


<option selected="selected">text</option>

this is my select2 javascript code

placeholder: "Impression",
allowClear: false,
data : array,
initSelection: true

I'm using
placeholder :"impression"
but that not selected, it just label in my select option.


If you want have some option to be selected from array, your html should contain that option.

For example- if you want to set "Impression" to be selected, change your html to following-

  <option selected="selected">Impression</option>

And if you want to provide your options with some value, you should change your Array to be an array of objects. For more details, please check this link.