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PHP: How to split a string in substrings that match and don't match a regex pattern?

I'm new here and need your help. I want to match an string that is an URI - and get an array of substrings.

This is my input string:


I want this output array:

array(4) {
string(9) "/part-of-"
string(8) "/an-url/"
string(11) "{MORESTUFF}"

I'm already able to preg_match everything with curly brackets by the pattern
. But how can I achieve my desired result?

Best regards!

Answer Source

You can use a very simple ({[^{}]*}) regex matching {, zero or more symbols other than { and } with preg_split and PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE option (that will put all the captured subvalues into the resulting array):

$str = '/part-of-{INTERESETINGSTUFF}/an-url/{MORESTUFF}';
$res = array_filter(preg_split('/({[^{}]*})/', $str, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE));
// => Array( [0] => /part-of-  [1] => {INTERESETINGSTUFF}  [2] => /an-url/ [3] => {MORESTUFF} )

See PHP demo

The array_filter is used to remove all empty elements from the resulting array.

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