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Use ksh to parse a name and a date from a line and remove the line if the date is older than 50 days

I have a test file with the following format, It contains the username_date when the user was locked from the database.

$ cat lockedusers.txt

I'm writing a ksh script and faced with this difficult scenario for my level of scripting. What I would like to do is:

  1. Read the line from text file,

  2. If the date value of this line is older than 50 days,

  3. then read the line till before the underscore character e.g. TEST1 into a variable,

  4. and then remove this line.

The variable will be used for removing the user from database. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

veryone, thanks for your help - here's the solution for this problem not including how to remove users from teh database buyt it should be easy to figure out for anyone as this code will generate the user list that are older than 50 days.

cat test |
while IFS="_ " read LUSER LDATE
        Day=`echo $LDATE | cut -c1,2`
        Mon=`echo $LDATE | cut -c3,4`
        Year=`echo $LDATE | cut -c5-8`
        Date=`echo $Mon/$Day/$Year`
        if [[ $(( $(date +%s) - $(date +%s -d${Date}) )) -ge 4320000 ]] ; then
        #echo "$LUSER, $LDATE"i
        echo "$LUSER" >> userRemovalList
        grep -v "$LUSER" test > temp && mv temp test
chmod 755 userRemovalList

Credit to my colleague Derek another helpers from UNIX helper portal

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