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Google Chrome for Android remote web debugging

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone to attempt to debug a mobile website that I am developing. I am trying to take advantage of the Remote Debugging google has started to offer through Chrome for Android.

I have gone through this walkthrough successfully:

When I click Inspect the popup resembles a Chrome Dev Tools window with no content. I have tried this on multiple sites. I have no firewalls up. No anti-virus active, I've restarted, run the commands in the above link over again and even attempted it on a friend's Galaxy S2. I still get the same thing on multiple sites; the empty Dev Tools window.

Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a possible solution?

Answer Source

Be sure to follow including the troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you are using modern Chrome version as your client browser. It should be equal or greater version than the Android Chrome you are debugging.
  • On your device, verify you have Developer Options available, and USB debugging turned on. If it's working and connected, it'll set a notification on your device.
  • If USB debugging is on, but about:inspect doesn't show your device check that Discover USB devices is checked. If so, unplug the device and try revoking all USB authorizations in Developer Options to retry.
  • If those don't help, you can open Chrome's Dev Tools on that poorly loaded page and hit reload. Console might show errors, Network tab might show unsuccessful WebSocket connections to the device. Both might help investigating the issue you file at
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