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Cannot retrieve saved SharedPreferences in another activity

So we're working on this Android app. We've got a login activity that receives some information when the user logs in successfully. We've got a class called SessionManager that handles saving said data to SharedPreferences.

SessionManager always retrieves SharedPreferences from the same file always. It's hardcoded in there.

public SessionManager(Context context) {
this.preferences = context.getSharedPreferences(PREFERENCE_NAME, 0);
this.editor = this.preferences.edit();
this.jsonParser = new Gson();

The jsonParser is there so we can save the info as a json object.

public final void storeProfile(UserProfile profile) {
this.editor.putString(STORAGE_KEY, this.jsonParser.toJson(profile));

private static final String STORAGE_KEY = "PROFILE";

private String getStoredValue() {
return this.preferences.getString(STORAGE_KEY, null);

public UserProfile getStoredProfile() {
String val = getStoredValue();
return (val == null) ? null : this.jsonParser.fromJson(val, UserProfile.class);

In theory, this should mean we should be able to store the profile in one activity, then get it back in another activity, right?

Except that's not happening! It looks like I can only retrieve saved information in the same activity where it was saved!

I call storeProfile() in the login activity, then getStoredProfile() in another activity, and it returns null.

I call storeProfile() in the login activity, then getStoredProfile() in the login activity, and it returns the stored profile. It also works if two different SessionManager instances call storeProfile() and getStoredProfile().

I set the stored profile manually in the other activity, and it retrieves the manually stored profile just fine.

Is there some scope rule or something to SharedPreferences that I'm missing?

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Turns out I'm a fool and I was accidentally wiping my preferences every time I tried to get them.

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