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PHP Question

Get last page visited

I need to know if a person that comes to my website went from an another specific website.

  • User A visits www.youtube.com/myvideo and clicks on a link to my website.

  • User B visits google, search my website and click the link.

Results Message on my page:

  • User A:
    Welcome! You already know how it works, register now!

  • User B:
    Welcome! Please watch our video first at www.youtube.com/myvideo

My question is:

  1. Is it possible to know the last url the user visited before entering my page?

    I already tried
    with PHP, but it's not working correctly and I read that does not work on all browsers.

  2. Is there any language or php script to get this url, working on all browser correctly?

Answer Source

The HTTP referer header is the only way. This is the data that is given to you in PHP via $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].

Note that this header will work in most cases. Also note that it can be easily spoofed.

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