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Node.js Question

How to properly access the app variable set by express in a node.js app?

I'm building a node.js server and my folder structure looks like this:

  • server.js

  • app/routes.js

  • app/routes/users.js

My problem is that i'm not sure how can i use the
variable inside the users.js file. Do i have to require and setup express again in this file or is there a better/easier way to do it? Here is my sample code(just the bare minimum to understand my problem):


// Include our packages in our main server file
var express = require('express');
var stormpath = require('express-stormpath');
var app = express();

// Init Stormpath for user management and authentication

// Load routes

// Start the server

// Stormpath will let you know when it's ready to start authenticating users.
app.on('stormpath.ready', function () {
console.log('Your server is running on port ' + port + '.');


// Import dependencies
const express = require('express');
const stormpath = require('express-stormpath');

// Export the routes for our app to use
module.exports = function(app) {
// Create API group routes
const apiRoutes = express.Router();

// User management: get users, invite users, view user profile
var UsersRoute = require('./routes/users');
apiRoutes.get('/memberinfo', stormpath.loginRequired, UsersRoute.memberInfo);

// Set url for API group routes
app.use('/', apiRoutes);


// Protected route test
module.exports.memberInfo = function(req, res){
//how do i access the "app" here?
res.status(200).send({ user: req.user });

Answer Source

In your .memberInfo method, you can use to access the app object that is associated with that request.

In cases where you aren't passed a req object that you can use in this way, then you need to initialize the module by calling a method on it and passing it the app object and the module can then store the app object locally so it can use it when desired.

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