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Openpyxl 1.8.5: Reading the result of a formula typed in a cell using openpyxl

I am printing some formula in one of the Excel sheets:

wsOld.cell(row = 1, column = 1).value = "=B3=B4"

But I cannot use its result in implementing some other logic, as:

if((wsOld.cell(row=1, column=1).value)='true'):
# copy the 1st row to another sheet

Even when I am trying to print the result in the command line, I end up printing the formula:

>>> print(wsOld.cell(row=1, column=1))
>>> =B3=B4

How can I get the result of the formula in a cell and not the formula itself?

Answer Source

openpyxl support either the formula or the value of the formula. You can select which using the data_only flag when opening a workbook. However, openpyxl does not and will not calculate the result of a formula. There are libraries out there like pycel which purport to do this.

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