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Python Question

ValueError In Pandas

I have a Data Frame with 15 columns suppose out of which i want only 6.
I am performing aggregate and then group by but it is throwing error.

def my_compute_function(my_input):

df2=df[(df['D'] == "Validated")]
'max','E': 'max','F': 'max'}).reset_index()

return df3

So i want only 6 columns A,B,C,D,E,F.

When i am adding this line


it is throwing error that ValueError: can not infer schema from empty dataset.

Answer Source

For me it working perfectly, only .copy is necessary:

df = pd.DataFrame({

df2=df[(df['D'] == "Validated")].copy()
print (df2)
   A  B  C          D  E  F
0  4  a  b  Validated  4  4
1  5  a  b  Validated  8  9

#for replace ',' to '.' 
df2[['A','E','F']]=df2[['A','E','F']].replace(',','.', regex=True).apply(pd.to_numeric)
df3=df2.groupby(['B','C','D']).agg({'A':'max','E': 'max','F': 'max'}).reset_index()
print (df3)
   B  C          D  A  F  E
0  a  b  Validated  5  9  8
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