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Pseudo elements and SELECT tag

I've tried searching it on Google but couldn't find it. Does the SELECT tag allows to use the

selector in order to create a pseudo element after it?

I've tried on Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Mac and it doesn't seem to work.

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Well, it looks like the SELECT tags doesn't allow :after or :before pseudos because they are customized by each vendor, so it's quite hard to modify them and that's because they don't allow :before or :after pseudo elements on them.

To everyone who sees this, there's a good option to create a custom SELECT element with jQuery and minimal modification... Create a select and then use jQuery to edit it:

// Iterate over each select element
$('select').each(function() {

// Cache the number of options
var $this = $(this),
    numberOfOptions = $(this).children('option').length;

// Hides the select element

// Wrap the select element in a div
$this.wrap('<div class="select"></div>');

// Insert a styled div to sit over the top of the hidden select element
$this.after('<div class="styledSelect"></div>');

// Cache the styled div
var $styledSelect = $'div.styledSelect');

// Show the first select option in the styled div

// Insert an unordered list after the styled div and also cache the list
var $list = $('<ul />', {
    'class': 'options'

// Insert a list item into the unordered list for each select option
for (var i = 0; i < numberOfOptions; i++) {
    $('<li />', {
        text: $this.children('option').eq(i).text(),
        rel: $this.children('option').eq(i).val()

// Cache the list items
var $listItems = $list.children('li');

// Show the unordered list when the styled div is clicked (also hides it if the div is clicked again)
$ {
    $('').each(function() {

// Hides the unordered list when a list item is clicked and updates the styled div to show the selected list item
// Updates the select element to have the value of the equivalent option
$ {
    /* alert($this.val()); Uncomment this for demonstration! */

// Hides the unordered list when clicking outside of it
$(document).click(function() {


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