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Storing incomplete work with git flow

I'm just getting to the stage where something like git flow is going to come in very handy with my project but I'm a bit unsure as to how to swap between features when the feature I'm currently working on isn't quite done.

So if I have a project and I do

$ git flow feature start feature1

then do some work but not quite get it to the stage where I'm happy to commit it before I need to head off and work on another issue, what should I do with my work before I do

$ git flow feature start feature2


Is git stash the correct way to go? It doesn't quite seem to do what I want it to do and looks like it could get quite messy quite quickly. But I definitely don't want to commit my changes and it seems silly to have re-clone the entire repo in another directory so I can work on it separately.

Answer Source

This is kind of the rationale for git stash!

That said, you could just create a commit, and then do git reset --soft HEAD^ when you come back to it (which deletes the commit, but retains the changes in your working copy).

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