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VSTO: Don't inlcude column header

I'm using VSTO to bring some data from a database and displaying it on a worksheet

The user presses a button and the worksheet gets populated with some data

The problem is that when the data gets written into the worksheet it automatically includes a column header, I don't want this column header

I initially set

ListObject.ShowHeaders = false;
but then it includes an empty cell, I don't want an empty cell.

This is how I declare the

private void CreateListObject()
worksheet = (Excel.Worksheet)this.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets[1];

Worksheet extendedWorksheet = Globals.Factory.GetVstoObject(worksheet);
Excel.Range cell = extendedWorksheet.Range["C12", "C16"];//Obtain a range
this.listObject = extendedWorksheet.Controls.AddListObject(cell, "Data");//Add to ListObject
this.listObject.AutoSetDataBoundColumnHeaders = false;
this.listObject.ShowAutoFilter = false;
this.listObject.ShowHeaders = false; //I thought this was enough
this.listObject.ShowTableStyleRowStripes = false;

This is how I populate data

internal void DisplayData()
using (MyDbContext db = new MyDbContext ())
List<Thing> things= db.Things.ToList();

string[] mappedColumns = { "serialNumber" };
this.listObject.SetDataBinding(things, string.Empty, mappedColumns);
catch (Exception ex)

But when the data gets displayed, it includes an empty cell:

enter image description here

How do I completely avoid that column header?

dee dee
Answer Source

I am afraid that Headers of ListObject in Excel can't be removed. What you can do is to convert the ListObject to Range and then delete the very first row.

Range rng;
rng = this.listObject.Range;
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